You are an entrepreneur, manager or general manager CEO of a company or an independent department. You have important business objectives you would like to realize. This management course by Dr. Dean R. Radtke takes you further and answer the following questions among others:

• What is effective leadership?

• How to motivate your employees/ team as a manager?

• How to organize a succesful (growing) organization?

• How to control, manage and have a productive life without stress?

Leading professionals is a great task and a challenge. You are the one to facilitate people and manage them. As a manager you are actually a coach or trainer in order to improve the achievements of the employees.

The managementteam has an important role. Success depends on the extent to which management recognizes that employees are the most important capital of the company.

By asking the right questions and develop teamwork, you will develop your employees rapidly. As a manager you are expected to form a vision and implement changes. You also want your employees to be inspired and motivated.

If you invest in your people/team, succeeding and realising your vision becomes a reality without stress and more time left.

This course teaches you how to be succesful in it.

On Monday and Tuesday, October 14th and 15th 2012 you can join our courses at the Apollo Hotel Papendrecht.