Gert-Jan de Groot

My name is Gert-Jan de Groot and I’m 42 years old, married and father of three children. For several years I am managing director CEO of Triferto, an international wholesale company.

Twelf years ago I started as an account manager at Triferto. Six years ago I discovered God has blessed me and that same blessing Abraham had is for me and even better. My life changed and my career changed. In a short time I became deputy director and now I am managing director CEO. God put me in touch with the right people. That was clearly the case five years ago when I came in contact with Dr. Dean Radtke.

The trainer and coach taught me how to successfully run a business and he taught me three important principles: ask the right questions, appoint better people than yourself and form topteams.

By using f.e. these principles, I had the right tools for the company to develop a successful growing company with about 100 employees. Dean Radtke taught me to be effective as a manager, to achieve my vision and enjoy the time in my life for other things that are important for me.

Anco Teeuw

Our company is called Holland Mortgage & Insurance (www.holland-hypotheken.nl). Currently, there are about 8 people working in our company. Our company has a strong growth and there are many challenges. As manager I am often busy and have only limited time to discuss with my employees the challenges and the possible solution. You are inclined to solve these challenges yourself. This creates in the short term time but in the long term this is not a permanent solution. The principles which Dr. Dean Radtke has taught ensure that you coach your employees, to train and motivate their team to solve different challenges themselves. This is accomplished by asking many questions allowing your employees to solve the challenge with his or her team or colleagues. This way you develop employees, becoming more responsible for their duties and they are motivated. Due to strive for knowledge quickly and properly transferred to your employees this will build strong independent teams so your company can grow. As a Ceo you create more time to set your vision and achieve your vision.

During the training of Dr. Radtke it’s explained how you can build the effectiveness of your organization and people still enjoy to do their work. The training is intensive but easily understandable English.

Edwin van der Vlist

My name is Edwin van der Vlist and the owner of Maxia Consultancy. Together with my partner we participated this year in the management training of Dr. Radtke. These trainings were touted by our various relationships as very meaningful.

An important lesson from this training is the way you should organize a business and how to manage your employees. Maxia Consultancy is a young company with no employees. But we have noticed that the training is also very suitable for start-ups, where the organization still needs to grow. It provides a solid basis from which a company can grow. It is better to start from a vision that suits a large company, than adapt the organization later.

Especially what I took with me is how to organize working in teams. It is important that a team takes responsibility and offering solutions to the problems that come from the team. This is in contrast to the situation in which a CEO gives all solutions to the problems of the various teams. By more responsibilities lower in the organization you can exploit better the resolving power of your employees.

In conclusion, I will suggest that the training has definitely added value to executives in large companies with many employees, but also start-ups can benefit from the knowledge of Dr. Radtke how to lead/manage companies.